Vehicle Tracking System (VTrackSoft) provides a total solution for companies who use vehicles for commercial activities such as field service, logistics, transport, courier, taxi, ambulance etc.

VTrackSoft is a web based application allows you to track your vehicles in real-time, from anywhere using any PC (software installations not required) with an internet facility. VTrackSoft uses GPS satellites to locate your vehicles, and the location data will be transferred to our servers using mobile technology.

VTrackSoft comes with GPS tracking hardware with a built-in antenna, also it has a backup battery with a four hour life. It includes a simcard to transfer data (wireless) to our servers.

The vehicle tracking unit will be installed in your vehicles by our qualified technicians as part of the total service.

VTrackSoft comes with one off purchase cost and monthly license fee. There is no other cost involved.

VTrackSoft application is based on the concept of ‘cloud computing’; a cost effective solution delivering explicit service at a fraction of the cost compared to an in-house system. The cloud computing technology coupled with secure software application provides 24 hours access to your operational data from any part of the globe with an Internet connection.

VTrackSoft guarantees that your data is backed up to eliminate any ambiguity and also ensures your data is secure, as security is crucial to any successful business operation.

VTrackSoft can be integrated to third applications, to use as a single system rather than having multiple applications to manage the vehicles and people.

  • Real time updates
  • Viewed using maps
  • Multiple personnel can access the system anytime
  • Website is easy to navigate
  • Maps integration for route calculation
  • Records vehicle history
  • Geo-fence alerts
  • Alerts sent by Email or SMS
  • Records out of hours use
  • Daily reports
  • Replay facility to view the sites visited
  • Total web based solution allows you to access from any PC with internet connection
  • Reduce vehicle insurance costs
  • Leads to a paperless working environment
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Increases overall productivity
  • In-house IT infrastructure is not needed
  • Cut down of wastage of fuel which benefits lower emissions
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Various reports are available for management to analyse how the vehicles and workforce being utilised.

Workforce activity report

Report showing workforce activity from start to end of this shift, all the various activities taken place in relation to the vehicle usage.

Maintenance & Breakdown Report

Vehicle service can be planned based on the vehicle mileage and vehicle breakdown history which can be linked to a defective vehicle part or workforce driving pattern; which helps to train the workforce and maintain a healthy fleet.

Idle Report

Report showing if a vehicle has been idle or stationary with engine on.

Mileage Report

Report showing number of miles a vehicle travelled over a period of time, which allows you to keep track of fuel efficiency and costs.

Driver Report

Report showing miles driven by a driver or drivers and their activities for particular period.

Alert Reports

Report showing all the alerts which have been generated by the system over a timeframe, with predefined criteria by customer e.g speed limit, idle, onsite, engine off, distance travelled, geo-fence.

Replay Report

This report will show within a day and time range, where the vehicle has been travelling and the activities that have taken place. This will help to establish places visited, also to identify training needs towards the driver involved.

These alert can be in the form of email or SMS.

Unauthorised Use Alert

An alert which informs you if a vehicle has been used outside the planned usage hours.

Exceed Planned Mileage per Day Alert

An alert which informs if the vehicle has been driven more than the predefined miles per day.

Idle Alert

An alert which informs if the vehicle has been stationary for more than a predefined time.

Idle with Engine On Alert

An alert which informs if the vehicle has been idle with engine on for more than a predefined time.

Shift Start Alert

An alert which informs if the vehicle ignition is not on by predefined start time.

Speed Alert

An alert which informs if the vehicle exceeded a set speed limit.

Geo-fence Alert

An alert which informs if a vehicle enters or exits a geo-fenced area.